10 Cute Lan Party Ideas to Upgrade Your House Party To the Next Level

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10. Everyone goes by their username and wears a nametag.

This is even more fun if the usernames people selected are silly or radically different from their real names.

9. Challenge board.

Using a whiteboard, write out challenges that people can reach in game for prizes, special titles for the evening like "White Knight" or "Queen", etc.

8. Oversized pillows of cute animals.

Like the ones in our store, would be great for lounging around and add a playful environment to the night.

7. Winning team gets to wear something silly.

Prepare a set of guest decorations that can be worn and put them in a box labelled conspicuously (like hats, party necklaces and other funny things you can pick up at a local party store).

6. Computer gear and gift cards are a prize.

People at a party love to upgrade their PCs and buy video games.  Everything from graphics cards to USB drives are game for a party where there's challenges and hearty competition. PS: Steam game gift cards are awesome!

5. All house guests bring some craft items so that they can build or design their favorite characters and mobs.

A little bit of art in between gaming, food and drinks is a great way to change up the activities from screen-time to creativity, focus and chit-chat. Who knows? Might even inspire a new video game idea in someone!

4. Prepare a fund pool.

It helps if your friends all have steady work and can contribute, hey, even $1 helps pay for things. Or have everyone contribute by distributing responsibilities (this works best for the "networker" party hosts).

3. Enough prizes so that everyone can leave with some gift.

Leaving a party, a real great party, it helps to have photos and maybe a take-home prize or gift to remind guests of the awesome time. Just think, if you went to a party and everyone left with a gift but not you, it'd be a bummer! Be generous, especially if everyone agrees to that fund pool.

2. Cool lighting and conditioning.

Make sure the house smells fresh and feels a good temperature (fans, ac, ventilation) and the lights are creative. Even a simple LED setup with Christmas lights can add a bit of atmosphere that makes the night special. Practice fire safety!

1. Prepare good playlist for your sound system and allow guests to pick or suggest tracks.

This can help liven up the room for conversation and game play between matches and overall give more energy to the house. If you have a designated photo ninja at your party, level up the party with random snaps of people dancing!