12 Cute Toys and More for Cat Pet Owners and Cat Fans

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Everyone that's ever had a cat or has a cat in their home knows that a cat is always right. At CuteFTW.com, we tend to agree! Oh you have an important essay to finish tonight?

No you don't *blomp* -- and now you have a cat on your keyboard. Deal with it.

You need to get sleep for a  job interview? No you don't *flop* -- and now you have a cat's fuzzy belly on your face.

....Ah, cat justice.

Anyway! Without further ado, here are some eye-catching toys, shirts, jewelry and more, featuring cats that cat fans and pet owners will enjoy!

12. Funny Cat Pillow

These pillows are a fun throw on movie night or a sleepover. Sure to give friends and family a giggle.
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2KfvyPH

11. Sleeping Cat Plushie

Available in really big sizes, this plushie is soft, cuddly and quite sleepy. Knock yourself out, watching all the cute cat videos on Youtube.
Shop Link:  http://bit.ly/2KudrWr

10. Cat Paw Gel Pens

No one at the office will be able to ignore these Paw Gel pens. They are extremely adorable and fun!
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2KgsDGl

9. Hula Cat T Shirt

All cats have a little bit of an attitude.  The Hula Cat shirt bring so much attitude, it'll help get the party started.
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2KeHoJK

8. Love and a Cat Shirt

Cat owners know that a home just isn't a home if there's no cat around. This shirt is a hi-five to everyone who loves and cares for 1 to 50 cats.
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2KeHC3y

7. Coffee Nerd Cat T Shirt

A perfect shirt for the 24 hour cafe visit. Put on some tunes and work away, you nerdy cat person you ;)
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2KiK20Z

6.Cat in Glasses Quartz Wristwatch

You know you're serious about cats if you wear a watch with cats on it. We love the detail on this piece!
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2Kf4JLy

5.Cat O' Clock Leather Quartz Wristwatch

Who needs numbers? Most cats know feeding time is at 12am and repeats every 15 minutes for the the entire 24 hour cycle.
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2Kf5qo8

4.Cute Kitty Pin

Backpacks and hoodies can look so lonely without a Cute Kitty pin. We advise getting a little friend for yours, if you decide to purchase a single pin.
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2Kf1OCu

3.Sitting Pretty Kitty Plushie

A large plushie, the Sitting Pretty Kitty Plushie is a lovely gift for kids.
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2Kf0LT4

2.Love and Letters Windproof Sun and Rain Umbrella

Umbrellas can be a bit boring. The Love and Letters Sun and Rain Umbrella is cute and ornate, featuring cat sillhouttes.
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2Kf1vaO

1.Healthy Happy Cat Catnip Pillow Chew Toy

Made with dried catnip, the Healthy Happy Cat Catnip toy is a fun-size energizer for the cats of the house. Commence obnoxious rolling and playing!
Shop Link: http://bit.ly/2KiKaxv