9 Cute Toys That'll Make People Stop to Stare

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There are cute toys and then there are eye-popping, breathtaking and coffee spillin' toys that make you turn to look twice.

These nine stupidly cute toys are a selection from CuteFTW's current inventory (Last Updated: 7/13/19). Enjoy!

9. Happy Shiba Inu Pals Plushie

Everyone knows someone who loves puppers. Well this Shiba Inu plushie is just so cute, don't be suprised if one of those dog-fans wants not one, but two or three of them! Cute FTW!

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8. Lovable Pugs Plushies

Some cats and dogs are born with a little bit of a sad expression on their face. But that makes them that much more adorable, don't you think? These pugs are so lovable in that way, but with the outfits- they make great gifts for kids that aren't ready for a dog yet, or for a pug-fan! Cute FTW!

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7. Fluffy Rainbow Llama

In the wild, they are the derpy cousin of a horse and a giraffe (not really)...but to us, they are the brother of Cool and the sister of Awesome. Douse'em in a bit of rainbow bliss, and you have the Fluffy Rainbow Llama. A delight of the nations, and totally Cute FTW!

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6. Horsey Mini Pendant

Who can forget the magic of horses? We can't! The Horsey Mini Pendant is a way to never forget those keys again but also remind us to smell the roses before life passes by, and give a horse a carrot, maybe, or just a good ol' brushin'! Cute FTW!

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5. Cute Pig Plushie

It's not just a fad, pigs can be real cute! The Cute Pig Plushie come in various weather-proof outfits eschewing an attitude of preparedness that is very suitable to those who like to be safe, secure and cute all at the same time. Cute FTW!

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4. Tortoise Plushie

The tortoise was wearing roller skates, the hare had no chance! Just kidding. But in all seriousness, this is one cute tortoise plushie kids and adults will aww over! Cute FTW!

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3.Sweet Unicorn Plushie

Unicorns are magical, so they easily make the list! The expression on their faces is sweet and pure. A great gift for people who loved watching The Last Unicorn. Cute FTW!

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2.Gentle Cat Plushie

What's elegant and cute? Why the Gentle Cat Plushie featuring a bow tie and a joyful smile like no other! Cute FTW!

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1. Huggable Animal Plushie Pillows

Most people might agree snuggling on the sofa and watching a movie is great! But what's even more fun is having these giant huggable plushie pillows for movie night. There's a bear, dog, penguin, frog and more! The whole family is gonna love these! Oh and totally Cute FTW!

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