Brand Reps

CuteFTW Brand Rep Instagram Hiring

Do you enjoy using Instagram? Do you have thousands of active followers? Do you love cute, adorable and awesome apparel and accessories? Then becoming our Brand Rep might be something that's right for you....


What does a Brand Rep do?

Brand reps post 2-3x times per week about CuteFTW, featuring our new products or mentioning our sales events.


How to Become a CuteFTW Brand Rep?

Post our products in your Instagram feed. Build your following by posting quality pictures and aim for 8-16 posts per month related to CuteFTW. We have sales, new items and even collections of themed products that are worth a shoutout on Instagram.

1. No Sign Up Required!

2. Post AT LEAST 8x times each month

3. Claim reward by tagging #CuteFTWRewards on your last post for the month, or email us to verify your posts.


Why become a CuteFTW Brand Rep?

Our Brand reps get rewarded for every month if they promote our site 8x times (minimum) per month. The more successful the promotions on your Instagram account, the better the reward!

  • Future Potential: If you prove yourself as a very reliable referrer for our store, we may extend a part time job offer.
  • Great Marketing Experience: Learn how to market on social media for a brand you like! Transfer the experience to your resume and impress your next boss.
  • Super Easy to Do: If you have an Instagram account with 10, 50, or 100k followers, you can easily become a successful CuteFTW brand rep.
But even if you only have 8 followers, it's easy to promote our brand as we have lots of adorable products and Instagram has a very large, receptive and social audience.


What kind of rewards do Brand Reps get?

We provide compensation by sending you an item from our catalog completely free of charge.

1. Simply email us or tag your final post for the month #CuteFTWrewards to notify us if you've diligently posted 8-16+ times about our store, products and sales.  

2. We'll then ask you what product you'd like shipped to you, after confirming the posts are actually live on your account. The more engagements, likes, comments, the greater the product we may be able to let you select from our catalog(higher cash value product).


What can I do to make sure I get my reward?

To ensure you are compensated with a reward each month, please follow our guidelines:

1. You MUST post AT LEAST 8x times to your followers every month you want to receive a reward.

2. NO foul language in any promotional post on Instagram.

3. You MUST represent our brand in a fair, positive light. Always tell the truth.

4. Have fun!


PLEASE NOTE: There are no guarantees expressed and your participation is entirely voluntary. 

If you have any questions, or want to request your reward, please use the Contact Us page.

Thank you, and here's to you!